It is with heartfelt gratitude and conviction that I share this news. We closed the doors of

The Omni Church effective February 2nd.

It was a super celebration of the faithfulness of our God. It was in obedience that we started Omni Church of Dallas. And it is in obedience that we brought it to a close.

What is next? Glad you asked. Over the next couple of months, Theresa and I will sabbath with our family and wait on God for His guidance in the next step of our Spirit empowered journey. And we pray The Lord of Sabbath guides you to a place to further develop grow and commit your way to him.

looking ahead

As we look back over the last 5 years, we are pleased to say that God used his people to do this good work. We were blessed to be a first hand witnesses of the extent to which people will give, serve, risk and love.

Undeniably, the Body of Christ thrived and the population of eternity grew during the life of this little church baptizing and assuring many of salvation and leading others to grow in their commitment to exhibit habits consistent with following Jesus Christ as written in The Great Commission and Commandment. I thank God for His power and his faithfulness during this time.

We are trusting God to be the director to Pastor Myron his family, and every member of The Omni Church in a time of Sabbath. We did what God called us to do and it is satisfying to our souls. Hallelujah. We feel we hear Him saying well done. You have been faithful.


Pastor Myron, family, and members,